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Learn more about C.L. Brown through the eyes of his readers and media outlets. Here you will find

reviews, interviews and articles about the author and his works.

What Readers Say

Keyboard and Mouse


I am still in awe. The words within these books take the reader on a complete journey through love and hope. Loud Whispers of Silent Souls was exactly what I needed at the time I read it. I know I will be coming back to these books on bad days when I need a fresh reminder that I am strong enough to move on from whatever seems to be in my way.


C.L.Brown doesn’t just use poetry to tell a story but tells a journey through the power of inspirational and infectious collections of truth. This book is very emotionally empowering. This man is a genuine writer whose words just flow and end perfectly.


This Author has such a talent in the use of words to convey and evoke deep emotions within his readers. This book debunks the notion we women subscribe to, that men do not feel extreme levels of love for a woman like we do men. It will remind each and every woman how special we are, how needed we are, and how beautiful we are. If you need positive affirmations about yourself, this is the book to have!

In The Media


C.L., please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
My story began with a poem that I wrote on my MySpace profile, somewhere around the summer of 2007. I had never written a poem before that, and by no means did I intend on writing a poem. I simply had these thoughts in my head, and I decided to write them on MySpace. [Read More]


Hi C.L., what’s the most important lesson your business/career has taught you?
The single most important lesson that I’ve learned is that success cannot be realized until you’ve learned to believe in yourself, in your work, in your journey. At the onset of my career, as an author, I had absolutely no faith in myself. And why? Because, I simply could not fathom the thought, or the idea of someone exchange their hard-earned money for a book that I had written. And so, to be quite honest, the first book I published was the end result of everyone else, except myself, believing that I had something worth saying; something worth hearing. [Read More]

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