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The Eyes That Swallowed the Midday Sun

The Eyes That Swallowed the Midday Sun


From C.L. Brown, the author of Loud Whispers of Silent Souls, comes his long-awaited fourth collection of poetry.
The Eyes That Swallowed the Midday Sun is an intimate and transcendent journey of loving and being loved. Self-realization and acceptance. Growth and its inseparable consort, healing.

Divided into three chapters: Rhapsodies of the Dawn, Songbirds and Midday Rains, and Setting Suns are Beautiful Too, this book is a celebration of unshackled love. A celebration of its failures, and its triumphs. It is a journey of holding on, of letting go, and of acceptance of what cannot be undone.

One day
the wind will come to you
and it will regard you
as though there is
nothing else in existence.
It will touch you
and that touch will take from you
things you weren’t ready to give up.

just like that
it will go away.

It will go away with all that it came with
and as much of yourself that you’ll
surrender to a fleeting moment.
But do not hang your head
from shoulders that grieve.
And do not sit with discontent
as one who’s lost some prized possession.
For you see
the wind can only hold you captive
if it is free.


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